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Location: Mobile
Date: From Wednesday 02/01/2017 to Tuesday 02/28/2017

VariousLocations. Mobile is not only recognized as celebrating the first knownAmerican Mardi Gras celebration in 1703 (yes, even before New Orleans) but alsoas home to "America's Family Mardi Gras." Delighting both young andold from around town and across the nation, this magnificent celebration lasts over2.5 weeks and culminates on Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent. For weeks, thestreets of downtown Mobile are filled with the sights and sounds of livemarching bands, brilliantly colored floats and, of course, crowds ofparade-goers. Floats are glowing spectacles manned by masked riders festoonedin satin and sequins, and armed with crowd-pleasing "throws" such asbeads, MoonPies, doubloons and candy. Mardi Gras must be experienced to befully understood and Mobile is the perfect place. For more information call25

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