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December 2017


Our January issue of AFC Cooperative Farming News is here!

Happy New Year! It's been a chilly start around Alabama this year with the temperature in the single digits some places. Our writers have been busy gathering stories about livestock and life to fill the pages. In this month’s magazine, you’ll find tips for keeping your livestock in top shape during the cold months, stories about entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in jewelry and pimento cheese just to name a few and we even feature a story about what it takes to create a hunting club. As always, we’re bringing you stories from our regulars about rural living and Alabama agriculture, including Lawn and Garden Tips. For those of you looking for events near you, check out the event section. We share cattle sales, festivals, historical days and more!

We hope you enjoy this month's magazine and the stories we’re proud to bring you.

There are a few ways you can get the AFC Cooperative Farming News Magazine:
1. Pick up a copy at your local co-op.
2. Read online by visiting www.alafarmnews.com.
3. Subscribe for $15 a year and get 12 monthly issues. Send your subscription request to PO Box 2227 Decatur, AL 35609 or contact Mary Delph at 256-308-1623.
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