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John H. and Willodene Mathews Scholarship

Please fill out the form in its entirety. This scholarship is given in a one-time $1,500 payment to be dispersed to the student attending the Auburn University's College of Agriculture. The Scholarship Committee meets each February to decide on scholarship recipients for the following Fall semester. After the recipient is selected he/she will be sent a letter of acceptance from Alabama Farmers Cooperative. Please find eligibility requirements and rules under 'Eligibility Rules'.

Semester and Year
Have you been acepted to Auburn University? You must be enrolled in the College of Agriculture

Please list other scholarships here.
Please list including title, employer and dates.
High School
Church Related
Describe your education and/or career objectives Please limit your response to one page
High School Transcript
College Transcript *See Terms & Conditions
Letter of Recommendation #1
Letter of Recommendation #2
Letter of Recommendation #3
Eligibility Rules
Please check that you have read the rules.  

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