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June 2019


We're covering everything from the Cook Museum of Natural Science (on the cover) to fishing trips with Jay Hook in Shore. Be sure to pick up a copy of this month's magazine to find out more about the Vapor Wake K9 program, Alabama Sunshine hot sauces and even the Poarch Creek Rescue Training. We're excited to bring you stories from happening across Alabama but you'll also find our regulars in there, cooking up great recipes and highlighting the state's youth programs. In case you missed it or didn't get your copy delivered, be sure to click the website link below to read online! For those of you looking for events near you, check out the event section. We share cattle sales, festivals, historical days and more!

We hope you enjoy this month's magazine and the stories we’re proud to bring you.

There are a few ways you can get the AFC Cooperative Farming News Magazine:
1. Pick up a copy at your local co-op.
2. Read online by visiting www.coopfarmingnews.com
3. Subscribe for $15 a year and get 12 monthly issues. Send your subscription request to subscribe@alafarm.com.
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