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Feed, Farm & Home (FFH) provides products for Alabama Farmers Cooperative members for resale. To do this FFH is composed of four sub-departments: Feed, Animal Health, Greenhouse & Nursery and Hardware & TBA.

Each sub-department of Feed, Farm and Home is responsible for working with vendors and manufactures to obtain products at low costs for the Co-op members.


Alabama Farmers Cooperative oversees the purchase and manufacturing of feed products. The Feed Mill is located in Decatur, AL where a majority of the bag feed, sold to Co-op members, is manufactured.

Animal Health

Alabama Farmers Cooperative purchases animal health and livestock equipment from various vendors. From vaccines to head chutes, the Co-op has what you need for your livestock needs.

Greenhouse & Nursery

Alabama Farmers Cooperative obtains small package pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers for Co-op members. In addition, AFC carries landscaping items such as bird baths, water fountains, erosion control materials and bird houses. The Greenhouse & Nursery department also works with Hustler Turf equipment, a premium turf equipment manufactured in Hesston, KS.

Hardware & TBA

Alabama Farmers Cooperative purchases farm hardware that our Co-op members need. Items include, but are not limited to, hand tools, posts, wire, tires, batteries, lubricants, toolboxes, generators, etc. AFC works with vendors to provide the stores with boots, jeans, shirts and pocket knives.

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