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Currie Gin Company was established in 1913 in Atmore in Escambia County, Alabama. H.W. Currie, the father of Frank Currie, was the original owner and operator. At the time there were an estimated 30,000 gins operating in the U.S. At his death he left the gin to his wife and 3 sons who operated the gin for many years. In 1955, Frank Currie, sold his share of the gin to his brothers and moved to McCullough, also in Escambia County, where he bought the Prestwood Gin and renamed it Frank Currie Gin Company. The company has been in continuous operation at this location for the last 51 years.

After Frank Currie’s death, he left the gin to his son, Tim Currie, who operated the gin until 1997, at which time he sold the company to Alabama Farmers Cooperative. During the decade of the 1990’s the company produced an average of just over 50,000 bales per year.

We continue to update the equipment to meet the increasing demand of quality from our buyers. For example, Power Roll gin stands were installed in 2002 and have proven to be a benefit to the producer as well as the company by extracting an estimated 30 pounds of lint more per bale.

Although the number of operating gins in the U.S. has decreased to just over 1000, Frank Currie Gin Company is a major force to be dealt with in southwest Alabama.

It is highly respected by its competitors as well as the buyers and mills. The company credits a lot of its success to great customer service and competent employees.

Frank Currie Gin:
43 Washington Avenue (McCullough)
Atmore, AL 36502-8902
Phone: 251-577-6411
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